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415-10N Owner’s Manual

415-10N Static Discharge Cable Owner’s Manual

415-10N Static Discharge Cable
Part #Nomenclature
415-10NStatic Discharge Cable


The products offered for sale by LSC are intended for use in rescue operations and survival . Inherent to all rescue and survival environments is an increased risk of injury and/or possible death to an individual or group of individuals. The equipment offered by LSC is intended to aid the professional rescuer(s) and/or survival victim(s). However, the risk of injury or death cannot be completely eliminated or foreseen. Equipment training, maintenance and continual reviews of user proficiency is vital to the proper and safe use of all rescue and survival equipment. It is the responsibility of the purchasing and end-user organization or individual to:

  • Determine the suitability of equipment for the selected application.
  • Define the operational procedures and safety guidelines associated with the proper utilization, maintenance (including service life) and storage of the rescue and survival equipment.
  • Ensure that all individuals are thoroughly trained and familiarized with the intended purpose, correct use and function, and serviceability of the equipment.
  • Ensure that the equipment is properly maintained, inspected, and ready for use at all times.
  • Changes to the configuration of or modifications to LSC products are not authorized by Lifesaving Systems Corp. and are not recommended.

Deviations from these warnings and cautions may result in serious injury or death.

  • The 415-10 N is a static discharge cable designed to attach to wider utility eyes such as those found on the Capewell/ Aerial Slide-Lock hook.
  • The weak link is designed to separate at 350-400 pounds of pull force should the static line become snagged.
  • The main discharge cable is made from 7×7 5/32 coated 316 Stainless Steel with an ultimate breaking strength of 2,600 lbs.
  • As the 415-10N is a static discharge cable is designed to break at 350-400 pounds of pull force, LSC has assigned no working load limit as the device is not intended to take a load of any kind.

There are no required or authorized modifications for the 490-497 Triton Vest-Harness.

  1. The Static Discharge Cable is attached to the utility eye on the hoist hook.
  2. The Static Discharge Cable extends from the hoist hook, alongside and below the rescuer/load.
  3. The cable contacts the vessel/water surface/ground to allow the discharge of static electricity, preventing injury to crew persons.
415-10N Screw-Lock Snap Hook, Screw-Lock and Weak Link

Required Tools, Expendables, and Consumables

Tools / Test Equipment Required

  • None

Expendables Required

  • Clean towels or rags

Consumables Required

  • WD-40
  1. Inspect the screw lock, overall body of the snap hook for corrosion and proper operation.  Clean and lubricate with light machine oil or WD-40 if necessary and wipe clean.
  2. Inspect the cable weak link for broken strands.  If damage is found, return to LSC for replacement of weak link.

Lifesaving Systems Corporation (LSC) has set forth the following recommendations for Life Limits on LSC Manufactured products.  These recommended service life limits are conditional upon documented maintenance and inspections performed in accordance with minimum recommendations set forth in LSC product owner’s manuals.  LSC will not recertify or perform maintenance actions on products determined to be beyond these limits.

Recommended Service Life Limits

Inflatables:  Inflatables manufactured by LSC have a recommended service life limit of fifteen (15) years from Date of Manufacture or ten (10) years from the date placed in service – whichever shall occur first.

Harnesses/Load Bearing Materials:  Rescue harnesses and load bearing webbing products manufactured by LSC for use in Human External Cargo (HEC) operations have a recommended service life limit of fifteen (15) years from Date of Manufacture or twelve (12) years from the date placed in service – whichever shall occur first. 

TSO/ATSO Approved Product Service Life: As marked on the attached label – typically 10 years from the DOM.

Steel Products: Welded steel, mechanically compressed, or assembled steel products* manufactured by LSC for use in Human External Cargo (HEC) operations have a recommended service life limit of twenty-five (25) years from Date of Manufacture or twenty (20) years from the date placed in service* – whichever shall occur first.

* this policy does not apply to hoist hooks installed on aircraft.

This policy does not supersede or alter LSC’s Limited Warranty Terms.

Your Warranty

LSC products are warranted to the first consumer purchaser to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months.

Click for complete warranty information and other terms.

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