LSC Learning and Certification

Product Use Training
Videos on how the products work to include design and use considerations
Maintenance Training
Get certified in maintaining LSC Gear by Part Number
Become a Certified LSE Maintainer
Gain master certification in the maintenance and repairs of all LSC products.

COMING SOON: Currently under development, his section of the LSC Support Site will include courses of instruction on the maintenance, upkeep, and use of all LSC equipment as well as useful courses on general maintenance of all aviation and maritime life support gear.

There will be short training modules on the individual products; expanded courses on broader gear categories like baskets and litters, harnesses, or Inflatables; and master certification courses on all LSC products.

The first course, Intro to LSE, will release in December with new courses coming online every month. 

To stay informed, login or register an account on this site and we’ll keep you informed as course offerings grown and as maintenance manuals change or are added.